I set product teams up for success and scale

<aside> 💥 I solve product problems for new and fast-growing tech companies.

I specialise in:

As a founder, product leader and consultant, over the past 10 years I’ve successfully launched many web & mobile products and new ventures, built, scaled and transformed product teams, and helped instil a deeply customer-centric, outcome-based lean and agile approach across a wide range of business models.

🤝 How I can work with you

🎯 Product Strategy and Research

Whether it’s for a new or early stage venture, or for a product that’s ready to scale, I’ll show you how to apply the best practices and adapt them for your situation - whether that’s deciding and delivering unmet customer needs, prioritising and executing hypotheses to test, nailing the proposition, measuring whether you’ve reached product/market fit, or creating, communicating, and implementing a product strategy.

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💪 Product Culture

Once you’ve attained product/market fit and your product team grows it gets increasingly harder to maintain consistent practices and ways of working. I’ll work with the team(s) to codify the secret sauce that naturally flowed through your tight-knit team so that everyone can efficiently work to a common set of guiding values, however fast you grow.

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