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Martin Slaney


I work with founders and product teams who are excited by the idea that “everything you’ve learned up to this point is wrong”.

Martin Slaney

“Martin helped us get back on track after too long spent spinning our wheels. Following our strategy sprint, our differentiated direction and focus is now clear, and we’ve a plan for testing and refining that strategy.I feel more confident that we can do this, more confident that we should do this, and also more sure that we needed help. :) And I really appreciate that it felt like Martin was right there in the trenches with us.He didn't just guide us - he worked alongside us, putting just as much energy and brainpower into the sprint as we did - maybe even more. He made a huge impact on the trajectory of our startup in a very short time.”— Liz Heinberg, Founder of Ditto

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Martin Slaney
Martin Slaney

I'm Martin, a venture builder, startup strategy consultant, and PM Coach.

I've built 0-to-1 businesses and scaled established ones. At Dabbl, I co-founded the UK’s first B2C mobile-first investing app. At Openwage, I started and led a corporate B2B2C venture bringing on-demand wages to employees. As a consultant identifying and scoping out new opportunities, I’ve helped companies like Absa Bank (aka Barclays Africa), Atom Bank, RBS and Wise. At BlackRock, I established a product-led culture across distributed teams. At Royal Mint, I was in the founding team building a gold-backed crypto for the UK government.

I’m a Strategy Consultant and fractional CPO. I help early-stage companies and product teams solve key strategic problems pre-launch, and then navigate the go-to-market phase and achieve traction. I typically use 1-week "sprints" - highly collaborative and accelerated workshops - to deliver tangible, actionable outcomes - fast. As a fractional CPO or Product Lead, I can help with establishing a product org, shaping the culture and embedding best practice.

I'm a PM Coach. I help product managers and leaders leverage their unique assets while providing frameworks and tactics that have worked for similar problems. My approach is empathetic & actionable.

Here’s what our partnership will feel like:

I help startups answer the high-stakes questions, before it’s too late.

How do we get traction?How do we know we’re moving in the right direction?How niche should we go?Who’s our target customer?Can we compete with X?Which value proposition should we launch with?Can we make money from this?How do we optimise the product for retention?What should we focus on now?How do we get to our next fundraising milestone?What’s the best way to validate this idea?How do we create our own category?Does our business model stack up?How can we make better decisions, faster?Is this really going to fly?How do we conduct effective customer interviews?How do we run experiments to validate whether people want this?What are we saying “no” to?What should we include in our MVP?How do we de-risk the idea before we build anything?