No-code MVP development for the quickest results

Why waste time and money paying an engineer to code your MVP? There are some incredible no-code platforms out there that make a huge difference to the time it takes to build an app. I've tried most of them and understand which is going to suit your needs best.

Web apps

The most popular form of MVP is a web app. These function like downloadable apps, but all from the comfort of your phone’s browser and adapt to whichever device you're on. They're not "native" - built on a specific platform such as iOS for the Apple iPhone or Android for a Samsung device. Due to their responsive nature, they do indeed look and function a lot like native apps. Web apps are an extremely cost effective and quick way to get your MVP in the hands of your first customers.

Native apps

If we think a native iOS or Android app is going to be more useful, I can do this too. It does add to the cost though so careful thought is needed here. Again, I'll use a no-code dev platform for this to accelerate the build time.


Sometimes it makes sense to use a chatbot-based app for your MVP. A quickly developed chatbot for Messenger or other platforms typically has the following characteristics:

  • The UI sucks
  • The UX sucks
  • Users are forced to type

This means the value prop has to be 10X better than the anything else available. If this “chatbot” can retain users, there is probably something there. And if you add a human handover or monitor the user journey on these bots, you can talk to these users and understand exactly what their concern is and where you can add value. We can also iterate and push changes quickly unlike app stores to experiment with this newly formed hypothesis.

I also make Voice AI assistants and skills, increasingly so for enterprise use.

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