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Fixed-price projects to help you sleep at night

Both an MVP and a prototype are meant to test out a hypothesis. However, with a prototype, you won’t get anything more than feedback. An MVP, on the other hand, has to fulfill the primary function you envision for your product, it should be able to collect valuable data from actual user engagement. Whether we choose to build a bot, web app or native app will also affect the cost.

So how much will it cost? Whilst every startup I work with is obviously different, I like to give a guide as to the kind of costs you can expect. If these are in the right ball-park then get in touch and I can offer a more personalised quote.

Simple, transparent pricing

I'll quote a fixed price based on the scope. If you go ahead but for some reason you're not happy, I'll give a refund.

Just Build

You know what you want

£65/ hour
  • The first functioning version of the product
  • Web app, native app or bot
  • Great for getting the first results of product performance as soon as possible
  • Typically built within 7 days
  • Full handover to you with training if needed

Research, Build, Test

Identify the key hypotheses to test

  • Help in setting up and conducting customer research
  • Identify and prioritise hypotheses to test
  • Web app, native app or bot
  • Great for getting a better understanding of customer painpoints before we build
  • Up to 3 iteration releases based on feedback
  • Full handover to you with training if needed


Then let's talk!