What do you want to test or validate?

Before we do anything we need to scope out what your goals and objectives are. That will help determine the best way forward. Typically you're looking for some kind of validation that your idea is addressing a problem in a viable way. By identifying qualitative methods and quantitative metrics, we'll establish the definition of success up front.

Some common business impact goals:

  • Get VC/Angel funding

  • Validate product-market fit

  • Land your first 10-100 customers

Less is more

People do not evaluate software quality by the sum of each part. They evaluate by the average, meaning, it's better to have a few things that work very well, than a lot that work in a mediocre way. For every additional feature in scope, there is more complexity, inter-connectedness, and opportunity for bugs. By limiting scope, not only do you save development costs, but your core platform will be more robust and intuitive.

What do you value the most with regards the MVP?

Whether it is speed, cost, design, functionality, and/or durability, there will be trade-offs and it's important to rank what you know is most critical to the success of your project.

Then we'll work together to prioritise which features should be in the app. What is absolutely necessary to achieve your goals? If necessary we can hold off on this until we have spoken to the people we recruit for our testing panel. We'll need to be ruthless about our decisions and ask questions such as:

  • Is this step absolutely necessary to proceed to the next step?

  • Why is this step necessary?

  • Can I achieve the goal of this step in a simpler, intuitive, or more automated way?

  • What would be the impact of the cumulative user experience if this step were removed?

  • Can this step be split into smaller, more granular steps?

  • What would the user expect to see during this step?